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Skool Starz!


Certified Workshop Instructors

All School Starz! Certified Instructors have been trained to teach the Skool Starz! musical workshop and have passed the Certified Skools Starz! Exam.


Profiles and teaching locations of a Certified instructor near you will be listed below.


Register with Certified Skool Starz! Instructors listed only here. If in doubt - Give us a call!

Child Safety

All School Starz! Certified Instructors have been Criminal Record checked to ensure that your child is safe during all classes. The class size is maximum of 20 students.


Charlie & Curtis

Curtis Kendall Wong - Creator, Producer & Director


Curtis is the creator, producer & Director of SkoolStarz! Musical and the president of Skool Starz Inc. and SkoolStarz! Workshops.


He began his showbiz career at age 3 working with the legendary producer David Butler, the producer of Shirley Temple films.


At age 13 he became a child star with Walt Disney's New Mickey Mouse Club as a mouseketeer performing, singing, dancing & acting in the daily syndicated TV series in Burbank, CA. He has peformed hundreds of live stage shows in Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World, Florida.


He has worked in Los Angeles, CA and in Asia with International  singers, actors & stars such as Paula Abdul, Lisa Welchel, Carol Burnett, Annette Funicello & others.

Instructors Coming Soon To Your Area

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