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What is Skool Starz?

A global youth entertainment brand including musicals,  performance workshops, music CDs and live shows for children ages 7 to 12 years old..

Why Skool Starz?

It's a musical performance program to develop childrens musical talent, build self confidence, memory, coordination, voice training, team work, social skills and experience a taste of showbiz.

Who is Skool Starz?

Trained choreographers, acting and singing coaches that have completed the Skool Starz! Instructors exam to become Certified Skool Starz! Instructors. Skools Starz! was created and produced by Curtis K. Wong, a child performer who has worked for America's largest entertainment companies. (See the "About " tab on top menu)

Where is Skool Starz?

The workshops are held at dancing, acting schools, studios & music schools in your area. To find a workshop near you go to the "How to Sign Up" Tab on top menu.

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